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When you want to look for the signal strength via the commandline use the tool: dvb-fe-tool. This tool is included with the v4l-util toolpack that isn't standard included within the image.

Fist: v4l-utils needs to be installed ont he receiver. opkg install v4l-utils
Then used the command dvb-fe-tool.
The parameters that must be added:
-m: monitoring
-f: Get the Front-end parameters
value: 0 = tuner A, 1 = tuner B, 2 = tuner C, 3 = tuner D

Then I made a scan for tuner C (value in this case is then 2)
dvb-fe-tool -m -f 2

With gave the results:

      root@hd2400:/# dvb-fe-tool -m  -f 2
      Lock   (0x1f) Signal= 0.39% C/N= 54.00%
      Lock   (0x1f) Signal= 0.39% C/N= 54.00%

To stop the monitoring Press CTRL-C

In this case the signal strength is 54% with is good for a cable channel.
A good satellite signal gives the following result:

      Lock   (0x1f) Signal= 18.93% C/N= 13.97dB
      Layer A: C/N= 71.00%