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What is HbbTV?

HbbTV stands for Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television and is seen by many as teletext 2.0. Using HbbTV broadcasters and other content, providers can complement their services by linking interactivity to the television channel. It combines TV viewing with internet services, putting a new layer of traditional television watching. Using the broadcast signal, additional data is transmitted that is combined by the television or the decoder (media box) with data from the Internet.

For example, background information about a program can be displayed, related programs can be displayed, and delayed TV viewing services can be used immediately. Boxes that have HbbTV support must be connected to the internet and the decoder must also be able to pass HbbTV signals. In the Netherlands, HbbTV is available through, among other things, DVB-T, satellite and a number of cable providers.

More Information about HbbTV can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_Broadcast_Broadband_TV

The following files will work with Gstreamer 1.x with can be found with OpenPLi 6.


When a channel has the four collared bullets, it means that there is support for HbbTV, not that your box can do anything with it. Dependencies: OpenPLi 5 image of may 14th 2017 or higher.

Per branche and per type a specific IPK package is needed to let HbbTV work on your receiver.

Temporary workaround you can try if HbbTV doesn't work on RC 6.0 (or isn't shown full screen)

Some recievers will work when you install the current OpenOpera 1.0-r0 from the feeds and after that replace some files as presented in https://forums.openpli.org/topic/51980-openpli-6-cant-install-hbbtv/page-5#entry751093

  • You can replace the files easily using Windows explorer by typing in \\<ipadress of your reciever\root in the explorer's address bar. But be careful there to only replace the files as stated in the zip as deleting other files/folders can make your box do strange things and maybe need to flash again

If you don't see the HbbTV content full screen but in the left upper corner of the screen you can modify a setting in the Modify PLi-FullHD plugin available in the feed to see it full screen again. In this plugin set the OpenOpera scale for skin option to FullHD

If HbbTV still doesn't work try the below

Mutant - Vimastec - Xtrend

ARM version: https://forums.openpli.org/topic/48648-first-impression-vimastec-vs1500-hd51/page-14#entry711319
MIPS version:https://forums.openpli.org/topic/16424-some-questions-bugs/page-75#entry700640

Note: These files can only be accessed when you have Development rights or higher in our forum. The files will be added into the download feeds.


The HbbTV Browser can be installed via the feed:

opkg install --force-depends enigma2-plugin-extensions-hbbtv