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How to install:


1. First place the content of the file to folder: /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/Ustvnow/
2. Install the plugin: ServiceApp
3. Adjust the ServiceApp settings to:- Enigma2 playback system: serviceapp
- Enigma2 playback system: serviceapp
- Player: exteplayer3
- HLS Explorer must be set on true
4. Restart enigma2

5. Go to the website: and make a new account. Use the free ($0.00) version to watch the free to view channels.
6. Verify / confirm the e-mail from USTVNow to activate your account.
7. Use the plugin: \Menu\Plugins\USTVnow\ and enter your e-mail address and password.
8. Use green to save the settings.. and/or OK to create a bouquet.

Note: Due to a bug in the python code, changing the quality will not improve the quality. SD is the standard.

9. A few seconds are needed to create a new Bouquet USTVNow with 5 US-TV Channels:

Note: To watch the TV Channels, once a day at 11.00 CET the URL's are changed, so then you need to reload the Channel's with the usage of the plugin. If you select the channels and see no image,  use step 7,8 and 9 again.
Note: The free account is active for 45 day's to watch the channels in HD and via streaming option. After 45 day's, you only can watch the channels at the website: But.. I created a new account.. and continue to watch the channels.. -> You need a new e-mail address of course.

The Plugin can be found at: