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Supported receivers

Solo SE
Solo 4K
Uno 4K
Ultimo 4K

How to flash Vu+ Zero receiver...
Download a image from: Unpack the ZIP file and place the content on a USB disk.

  1. Format your USB stick with a FAT32 file system
  2. Download the USB image of your choice on
  3. Extract the USB image (it is a .zip archive) on your PC using your favorite unzip tool to the root directory of your USB stick. The result is that you get a directory vuplus and in this directory you find a directory zero in which you find the necessary files.
  4. Disconnect all USB flash drives connected to your receiver.
  5. Insert the prepared USB stick into the back of your VU+ Zero receiver
  6. Switch your VU+ Zero off (power-off, not stand-by!). Or choose restart in your receiver: Menu -> Standby / Restart -> Restart and go directly to step 8
  7. Switch your VU+ Zero on
  8. The white led will quickly flash two or three times then start to fade in and out slowly.
  9. The flashing is done when the led light rapidly blinks on the front panel.
  10. Switch the power off and on again to reboot.