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Timer: Weekly display fixes
* Timer: Weekly display fixes

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New receiver support for Amiko Viper Combo, Amiko Viper T2/C, VU+ Uno 4K SE, Zgemma H6, Edision OSnino,

  • Latest Commits - Removed from Information\About\Red button
  • Improvements on Helptext messages
  • Flash your USB disk with a image from the GUI \Menu\Installation'Flash image\ https://forums.openpli.org/topic/52456-flash-image-from-ui-instead-of-reboot/#entry745951
  • Restart enigma with a new logo
  • Cablescan - Different regions can now be selected for scanning
  • AutoDiseqc extended with other satellite positions, Like 0.8 west and 16.0 East
  • Quad PiP for VU+ Solo 4k and Ultimo 4k receivers
  • Kodi support for VU+ and Mutant receivers
  • Support for HTTPS TS streams
  • Hotkey can now accept command's as string instead of list of commands
  • Offline CI decoding
  • Online Flash
  • HbbTV
  • Multiboot


  • Plugins
  • Drivers
  • Gstreamer stable 1.12.3


  • Latest security updates on Morty (including fix for WPA KRACK)


  • Timer: Weekly display fixes