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OpenPLi 6.1.png


  • Flashimage support: Online Flash - Flash your box with a new image using your remote. Press Menu, and go to Setup, Flash image. See (experimental!)
  • Improvements on Helptext messages
  • Gstreamer upgrade to v1.12.3
  • Cablescan - Different regions can now be selected for scanning
  • Add fastscan for KabelKiosk and Diveo Germany
  • Quad PiP for VU+ Solo 4K and Ultimo 4K receivers
  • Kodi support for VU+ and Mutant receivers
  • Kodi and HbbTV  support for all VU+ UHD receivers
  • Support for DVB streams over HTTPS
  • Offline CI decoding
  • HbbTV (Except for Miraclebox. No support from the manufacturer)
  • Multiboot for Mutant HD51 and Zgemma H7
  • VU+ now supports offline decoding using either a softcam or a CI module

Other improvements:

  • Plugins updates
  • Drivers updates
  • Hotkey can now accept command's as string instead of list of commands
  • Hotkey now has the option not to pause after succesful script execution
  • AutoDiseqc extended with other satellite positions, like 0.8 west and 16.0 East
  • Softcam: update of oscam and oscam-emu
  • IPTV: update ffmpeg and improved dash support
  • IPTV: update extexplayer3


  • Latest security updates on Morty (including fix for WPA KRACK)
  • New added: davfs, yafc, sftp


  • Timer: Weekly display fixes
  • VU+ Bluetooth driver conflict with Oscam (descrambling failed) fixed
  • Netbios browsing (box was not visible in Windows) fixed

New Receivers support:

  • VU+ support for the Uno 4K SE and the Zero 4K
  • Zgemma support for the H6
  • Edision support for the OS nino
  • Amiko support for the Viper Combo and Viper T2C
  • Mutant support for the HD530C

Known issues:

avahi-daemon fails to start

When you upgrade online from 6.0 to 6.1, you could run into the problem that the avahi-daemon doesn't want to restart, which means you won't be able to access to box via it's "<boxname>.local" name.

It can be solved by flashing a new image (both 6.0 and 6.1 are fixed), or if you can handle the commandline, by copy and pasting these commands:

opkg update

opkg remove avahi-daemon --force-depends

/etc/init.d/dbus-1 restart

opkg install avahi-daemon

box not visible in Windows

When you restore an old(er) backup, you could also restore a samba configuration file that has broken Netbios browsing support. To address this, manually replace /etc/samba/smb.conf with the default smb.conf].

unable to watch a running recording on a CIFS mount

This is due to a change in the kernel CIFS drivers, which prevents regular updates of the recordings file size. Because of this, Enigma doesn't see the file growing as the recording progresses, so it stops prematurely. A possible workaround is to add cache=none to the mount options of your mounted share, and remount the share. Note that this still doesn't update the recording time properly, but al least playback no longer stops.