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Improvement since previous version:

  • Created an EPG menu for EPG options and Plugins
  • Improved fallback import menu and messages, also greater performance
  • Multiboot: Add option boot to recovery or android
  • StartWizard: Show autorestore question in the language that is set in autobackup. when of course it is available. Otherwise it will stay in default=English
  • Os mio 4K plus: support multiboot
  • Unicable: Add Maclean MCTV-785
  • Unicable: add Opticum Unicable LNB
  • Blindscan for Mutant HD51 (Only works with DVB-S2x tuners)
  • CIFS config has now SMB and security protocol autodetection, so that you no longer have to start looking for whether options have to be given, they are now entered automatically.

New or improved Plugins and Settings:

  • MagentaMusik 360 plugin
  • FileCommander plugin
  • DLNAServer & ReadyMedia
    • Remove minidlna recipe (superseded by readymedia)
    • ReadyMedia Take source from a mirror of origin
    • ReadyMedia New default values in minidlna.conf
    • EasyMedia Has been updated to support Full HD skins
    • DLNAServer Add source code for DLNAServer plugin, copy from git://
    • ReadyMedia Reduce sqlite page cache from 32MB to 256kB
    • DLNAServer Apply old patches, 01-minidlna and 02-readymedia
    • DLNAServer rename audit and music variables to audio
    • DLNAServer add menu item for one-media-folder and root-container
    • DLNAServer clear info text
    • DLNAServer Remove old patch files
    • DLNAServer spaces to tab
    • DLNAServer Possible to edit server name
    • DLNAServer End directories with / (the FileList component need this)
    • DLNAServer Fixing log setting and default off
    • DLNAServer Change default setting values
    • DLNAServer Reset will now set default values, not go back to last saved
    • DLNAServer Fix crash if no conf file
    • DLNAServer Change recipe, use source files in this repo
    • DLNAServer Use double quote for all strings
    • ReadyMedia Adjust to new version of MiniDLNA
    • ReadyMedia&DLNAServer Rename readymedia to minidlna
    • Update maintainer text of minidlna
  • Rclone: rclone is a command line program that let's you mount cloud drives like Amazon drive or Google drive. For more details see
    • Will not been build for mips32el-nf boxes: et4x00, hd1100, hd500c, lc, sh1, xp1000
  • Added morpheus883 settings for 13/19.2/23.5/28.2E
  • Reinstated mgcamd; added arm support (32bit)
  • Added mgcamd 1.45c for mipsel
  • ZeroTier, but you must install it from the commandline, there is a manual here
  • Lcd4linux > v5.0-r6

Driver updates:

Edision (commit Nov 25 2019)

  • Update driver
  • include splash.bin in image
  • osninopro: add splash
  • add Edision Splash recipe
  • add support for OS mini 4k

Zgemma (commit Nov 25 2019)

  • h7 Fix egl for kodi

Vu-plus duo4k (commit on Nov 25 2019)

  • Fixed AAC-HE audio problem
  • Fixed autio noise problem
  • Cleaned up DVB-CI

Mut@nt: (commit on Nov 25 2019)

  • Add blindscan for Silabs dvb-s2 tuners
  • bcm7251s fix bootmode selection

Gigablue: (commit on Nov 24 2019)

  • Driver update
  • Sole the T2 problem
  • Solve dual problem
  • Update Chromium browser

Edision: (commit on Nov 17 2019)

  • include splash.bin in image
  • osninopro: add splash
  • osninoplus: make config same as nino
  • osmio4kplus: add rrecomments on edision-splash
  • osmio4k: add splash
  • osmini4k: add splash
  • Add support for OS mini 4k

gfutures: (commit on Nov 16 2019)

  • hd61: fix hw id model

Vuplus: (commit on Oct 10 2019)

  • vuplus-dvb-modules-vuzero
    • support new LNB chip.

Edision: (commit on Oct 10 2019)

  • Update driver osnino, osninoplus and osninopro
    • KV = "4.8.17"

Formuler (commit Sep 24 2019)

  • formuler4turbo update driver
    • fix cable scan
  • Edision (commit on Sept 20 2019)
    • Update kernel to 5.3
  • Gigablue: (commit on Sept 16 2019)
    • bluetoothsetup: rdepends on libudev libcrypto compat packages
  • Xsarius (commit on Aug 27, 2019)
    • support transcoding for galaxy4k
  • Zgemma (commit on Aug 21, 2019)
    • H7:remove patchelf as it give unnecessary warnings
  • gfutures ((commit on Aug 20, 2019)
    • v3d: remove trunks warnings
  • Fomuler ((commit on Aug 20, 2019)
    • fix AC3+ bypass through HDMI and SPDIF
    • fix PID filter
  • Edision ((commit on Aug 7, 2019)
    • Update driver and blindscan utils
  • Zgemma (commit on Aug 7, 2019)
    • hisilicon all models: fix fastboot gpio mapping
  • gfutures ((commit on Jul 21, 2019)
    • add final version hd61
    • hd60/hd61 update recovery to r298
    • hd60 fix floating recovery gpiokey (cause booting always to bootmenu/recovery)
  • Maxytec hd60/hd61 (commit on Jul 21, 2019)
    • Update recovery to r298
  • Zgemma h9combo/h10 (commit on Jul 18, 2019 )
    • improve 7segment display communication
    • bootmenu add WPS support
    • bootmenu add extra wifi devices support
    • bootmenu add active network indication
  • Edision (commit on Jul 11, 2019 )
    • Update kernel to 5.2
  • Zgemma (commit on Jun 27, 2019)
    • add bluetooth, wifi and usb-dvb devices
    • h10: add support for 2xci

Items changed/moved:

  • Renamed Service searching to Tuners and scanning, because the current name does not mention anything about tuners. Tuners and scanning covers both terms.
  • The names of wifi driver packages have been unified, and now all start with "kernel-module". This means that when you restore a backup, a previously installed wifi driver might not be restored, and need to be installed manually using Software Management, or from the commandline.

Look and feel changes:

  • As always many translation/language improvements, thanks to all the translators!
  • Graphic sliders: make recently added multi selections feature optional this gives 3 options, display graphic sliders, don't display graphic sliders, or only display graphic sliders
  • Add show picon in channellist to SetupWizard
  • FlashImage: Show confirmation question before reboot
  • GraphMultiEpgSetup Added colored buttons
  • Increased timeout for some PIN code related message boxes

Other improvements:

  • Upgrade to kernel v5.2 for some receivers
  • Wireless driver rtl8723bu added
  • Fastscan - added FreeSAT SK, FocuSat and UPC Direct on Thor 0.8W
  • OpenSSL has been upgraded to 1.0.2r, which includes backwards support for 1.0.0, needed for the mgcamd ARM binary.
  • Better mmc device detection and allow SD/MMC cards to be formatted
  • Better boot device detection
  • Increased timeout for some PIN code related message boxes

Known issue's:

  • HbbTV is disabled on both XSarius as QViart machines because it's severely broken. The manufacturer need to fix this issue.
  • The fallback tuner configuration has the option to import EPG from the fallback tuner. Issues have been reported where the import conflicts with local EPG readers, which may lead to corrupted EPG in the client box. As a workaround, you can disable all EPG readers in the EPG menu (should not be an issue, as you import the EPG anyway), or start the box on a channel that does not provide EPG data.

Release update on 2nd March 2020:

In this 7.2-release update:

  • New image for the Octagon SF8008 (no multiboot support as of yet)
  • New image for the Edision OS Mini 4K
  • MT7601U Wifi driver for the Qviart Lunix and the Xsarius FusionHD / FusionHD SE / PureHD / PureHD SE
  • RemoteTimer plugin removed (no longer compatible), use the remote fallback timer instead
  • The programme description is now visible in the timer list
  • Added support for the GigaBlue Ultra SCR LNB (Unicable)
  • Bugfix: CIFS user names with spaces are accepted again when creating CIFS mounts
  • Bugfix: Creating a remote timer when a channel has been renamed now works via the remote fallback timer
  • Bugfix: Modifying an existing timer via the remote fallback timer has been fixed
  • Bugfix: After a factory reset plugins are no longer reinstalled
  • Bugfix: Issues with mass package updates ( the 7.1 -> 7.2 problem ) has been addressed
  • Bugfix: Issues with importing EPG (from epg.dat or fallback) have been adressed
  • Bugfix: Issue with subtitles appearing too fast has been fixed

Release update on 23rd March 2020:

In this 7.2-release update:

  • Driver update for the VS1500: broken USB image files fixed
  • Driver update for the VU+ Duo 4K: PIP windows limited to 1/4th of the screen
  • Driver update for the VU+ Zero: added missing kernel patch
  • Added JoyneScan plugin (Bouquet generator for Sat Provider Joyne)
  • Add LED control options for the SF8008 and compatible receivers
  • Bugfix: Fixed EPG crash issue when the OpenTV reader was enabled
  • Bugfix: Cablescan improved, provider tables are now correctly followed (could result is less channels found!)