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New features:

  • Busybox-cron is now installed by default.
If you already had it installed, and created cron jobs in /etc/cron/crontabs, those will be migrated to /var/spool/cron when you restore a backup, for compatibility. /etc/cron will be recreated as a symlink, so the backup files selection continues to work.
  • Network time sync is now built in by default.
It will automatically retrieve the correct time when the network interface becomes active, and syncs every 30 minutes aftwards to keep the time up to date. If no network is available, it will still use transponder time, automatically. By default it will use the mirrors to retrieve the time. If you want to use a custom NTP timeserver, you can enter a hostname or IP address in Menu -> Setup -> System -> Customize (scroll way down to the bottom).
Or take a look at our wiki  how to get the right Time

New hardware support

  • Zgemma H9.S SE
  • Zgemma H9.2S SE
  • Zgemma H9.2H SE
  • Zgemma H9 Combo SE
  • Zgemma H9 Twin SE
  • Zgemma H11
  • Maxytec Multibox SE
  • PULSe 4K
  • PULSe 4K mini

New or improved Plugins and Settings:

  • oscam: Remove disabling the clockfix, now that NTP (network time protocol) is activate as standard
  • gstreamer: Upgrade to version 1.18.4
  • youtube_dl: is now automatically updated on every build
  • ffmpeg: Upgrade to version 4.4.0
  • ffmpeg: Add v4l2-mem2mem decoders, the v4l2-mem2mem decoders are required for ffmpeg for the osmio4k family
  • ffmpeg: Fixed missing components on MIPS hardware, causing issues with exteplayer3
  • mgcamd: Add version 1.46 for mips and arm
  • enigma: Add CRID support to EPG data
  • enigma: Add experimental SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) picon support
  • lcd4linux: Enable oscam-lcd-support
  • kodi: Many improvements
  • zerotier: Upgraded to version 1.6.5
  • BackupSuite:updated to support newly supported hardware
  • Added inotify-tools to feed
  • Removed joynescan, provider went into administration
  • Added streamlink 1.27.4, Livestreamer for Windows, MacOS, Linux and BSD
  • Added sshfs-fuse to the feed
  • Refactored libcrypto-compat, now providing 1.0.2, 1.0.0, 0.9.8 and 0.9.7
  • Experimental CI Plus support (requires key files)

Look and feel changes:

  • As always many translation/language improvements, thanks to all the translators!!!
  • Do not show SNR on OSD when no 'watching' tuner is active
  • MediaPlayer - add to playlist directory contents with .ts too
  • Updated Vu Uno 4K SE display skin

Driver updates:


  • Update kernel to 5.12
  • Updates for ALSA/Kodi support


  • vuplus-blindscan-utils: QA fixes and cleanings
  • Fixed booting problem (duo4kse, uno4kse, zero4k)
  • Bcm wifi fix white space ssid name
  • Add turbo2 driver.
  • Xbmc-support-vusolose: fix wrong file name
  • Xbmc-support-vuxxo2: add vuxxo2 packages for kodi_18
  • Improve loading wifi firmware (duo4k, duo4kse, ultimo4k)
  • Fixed audio problem in HDMI-IN recording (duo4kse)
  • Add Support for usb Stick WinTV-DualHD


  • multibox recovery update: fix check wrong map multiboxse/multibox


  • Removed old dvdmediasink references


  • Add model h11 serie


  • Removed defaulttune for 5x00/6x00/9x00, should not be NF
  • Bring back lost blindscan


  • Add remote key F3 F4

Other improvements:

  • Add support for Open Hbbtv Browser (Edision)
  • Add dB value for all ver. Sundtek DVB-S/S2

Known issue's:

  • Missing automounts
If, after the upgrade and restore of your autobackup, your automounts don't work anymore, doublecheck the mount options. Previously, incorrect or not supported options were silently ignored, but as of this version, the mount will fail (unfortunately without error message).
Some users report that anonymous guest access ("guest" with password "guest") no longer works. This is under investigation.