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New features or improved features:

  • HdmiCec change "Regard deep standby as standby" so now there is
    • Regard deep standby as standby
    • Yes -->wakeup/power off events
    • no --> not for all events
    • Only power off -->only power off event
  • Standby not pause iptv service and check stop PiP

New hardware support:

  • Add support for enabling and disabling CI devices
  • Added missing uclan ustym keys Magic and Context to hotkeys
  • Added missing Resolution and F4 buttons for uclan's new distributed RC
  • Softcams update CCcam version for ARM

New or improved Plugins and Settings:

  • VideoEnhancement plugin - display changed values fix
  • Fix for toggle pip
  • Wait for a network connection after restore of an autobackup: The check has a timeout of 30 seconds. This is needed for boxes that are connected wirelessly or with a slow DHCP server. If we don't wait, the autoinstall that may follow will fail.
  • RecordTime isInTimer - fix not visible icons pipzap repeat
  • Harddisk - fixed determination of device
  • Improved network interface 'up' detection
  • Unicable fixed Opticum SCR 16UB Pro; cleanup
  • Provide a fallback for network drivers not supporting operstate
  • Network reload interface data once the network is up
  • SleepTimerEdit small updates
    • disable power on/off when not active any day
    • check infobar instance
    • leeptimer iptv service use as dvb service
  • Check for presence of favourite bouquets and prevent from being overwritten
  • Het weer add do_compile to plugin to create binaries
  • ZeroTier updated to version 1.10.1
  • Softcams update CCcam version for ARM
  • Remove ppanel and softwaremanagement extensions from the base image

Look and feel changes:

  • As always many translation/language improvements, thanks to all the translators!!!
  • Videomode update DTS-HD text
  • Rc_models: added h9twin/h9twinse rc mapping
  • Set power led on on record in standby
  • ChannelSelection allow to use the power button in the channel selector
  • Remove ppanel and softwaremanagement extensions from the base image

Driver updates:

Zgemma: H8 fix kernel partition

Other improvements:

  • Some pre- adaptations to smooth the coming transfer to Python 3
  • Correct VTUNER ioctl's for ARM based kernels.

Known issue's:

  • Minidlna latest version no longer compatible with OE Zeus
  • Vuplus-tuner-turbo2 not supported on gen1 boxes
  • FCC only works on VU+ hardware, needs driver support