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What is OSCam

By default OSCam is installed in OpenPLi. OSCam is a softcam, software to be used to decrypt digital television channels on a settopbox (receiver), as an alternative for a conditional access module (CAM). OSCam is, compared with other softcams (Cccam, mgcamd, etc.), open source. Hence, the name Open Source Conditional Access Module (OSCam). OSCam is based on the not so well known softcam MpCS. The main features of OSCam are next to its softcam capabilities, that it is able to function as a cardserver.

OSCam config

You can access OSCam through the webinterface "http://ipadresofyourbox:8081" or edit the files using your favorite remote access program (telnet-SSH-FTP-etc.) for this you could have a look at our Wiki page Tips and Tweaks


The OSCam version will only be updated when there is a reason for it, so when you see your not running the latest update, there is no reason for it. Of course you can always compile a new version yourself, see the developers site below.

Internal cardshare

In OpenPLi the softcam OSCam is already set to do an internal cardshare between 2 boxes. By default OSCam is configured to connect 2 boxes with Hoofdbox becoming the server and the “tweede_box” becoming the client (OSCam terminology calls this the reader). As the developers of OpenPLi don’t know which box you want to be the Hoofdbox and which one becomes the tweede_box OSCam is configured for both. So you have to do a 2 things on the one which becomes “tweede_box“ the client box (OSCam terminology calls this the reader).


Both boxes have to be in the same network. You have to know the IP address of the Hoofdbox. Login into OSCam on the box which will be the tweede_box, by entering your favorite browser, eg. Firefox-Iceweasel-Opera-Chrome-Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.


This will be your server for the client “tweede_box”. On the “hoofdbox”. On this one you don’t have to do anything, as there is already a user “tweede_box” which has access with the password “tweede_box”.


This box is the client and will login using a reader, let’s say to read the data it needs. You’ll have to do 2 things.

Go to the Readers TAB and click on the red pencil in the line of the Hoofdbox. A window will open , then you go to the line that says Device. On this line there is “ip_adress_hoofdbox,12005. Here you have to enter the IP address of the Hoofdbox instead of the text. Then go the bottom of the screen and click the save button.

Now click on the Readers TAB on top of the screen. Then on the line Hoofdbox click on the On/Off button on the screen. By clicking it the button should go from grey to green.

It all should work like instant yet, you could restart the Hoofdbox and the tweede_box.

Their is a official website of the developers of OSCam:

To go to official developers board

To go to official OSCam wiki.

To see an overview of the last changes.