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Recovery Menu Backup

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Some boxes have an external tool "Recovery Menu" which is used for install, restore and backup a complete image.

How to create a backup

The backup will been stored on an USB flashdrive like an USB harddisk or USB stick, this should been connect before you start. Goto the recovery menu if your box support it and navigate to the image which you want to backup. Press on your remote-controller the menu button and select "Backup image". Follow the produce on the TV screen and wait untill the image is ready. You The pogress of backup image size will been shown and this can take up several minutes. Just be patience.

How to restore a backup

In the same recovery menu you can easily restore the made backup image.

  1. Connect the USB stick with the backup image in one of USB slots of the receiver. Select in the recovery menu "Flash local image" and choose the storage device which contains the backup image.
  2. Select the backup image zip file and choose to install the image into one of the 4 image slots. The progress will been showing on your TV screen.