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The Hanssat settings lists are with a Dutch focus. IPTV Streams are included. There are currently different versions made public:

e2_hanssettings_kabelNL Cable NL: Ziggo, Caiway, Delta together with streams
e2_hanssettings_19e_23e_basis Astra 19 and 23 basic = without cable, Digitenne and streams
e2_hanssettings_19e_23e Astra 19 and 23 oost, with cable, Digitenne and streams
e2_hanssettings_19e_23e_28e Astra satellites at 19, 23 en 28 east with cable, Digitenne and streams
e2_hanssettings_(9e) 13e_19e_23e_28e (Eutelsat 9), Hotbird 13 and the Astra satellites 19, 23 en 28 east, cablel, Digitenne and streams
e2_hanssettings_(9e) 13e_19e_23e_28e_AND_rotating Rotating: A combination of 'fixed' with satellites from 75 east until 61 west from the website: KingOfSat.


Also on the website you can find what has been changed since the last version. Since quite often changes are being made on the transponders, the goal for the creators is to make every month a new version.

You can install the Hanssat settings from the Openpli Plugin feed, which can be found in the settings section
From the image you can find the settings via Menu - Applications - green button - section settings.