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EPG = Electronic Progam Guide

DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) channels can receive program information embedded in the signal-stream (cable or satellite). This system of retrieving program information is called EPG and the information received depends on the TV broadcaster.

When you press the EPG on your remote, EPG data is presented. This data can be retrieved using a few methods. Using the EPG settings you can select what program information you want to be retrieved from the data that's embedded in the signal-stream, EIT is maybe the most common way to retrieve EPG data and in most cased you should enable it. Then there are a few more specific settings:

EPG settings:

To adjust the EPG settings in OpenPLi go to Main menu > Setup > System > GUI settings > EPG settings and as of OpenPLi 7.2 Main menu > Setup > System > EPG settings


EIT (Event Information Table)

Most common and you should consider enabling both settings.


4,8°E (Sweden)


28,2°E Freesat (England)


13,0°E Nova (Greece)

MHW (MediaHighWay)

13,0°E and 19,2°E Cyfra+ (Poland) or DIGITAL+ (Spain)


Virgin Media (England)


SKY 28.2°E (England) / SKY 13°E (Italy)

OpenTV is a proprietary format, only transmitted on the EPG transponder, which you need to tune to in order to update your EPG.

For SKY UK, the channel is called IEPG Data 1, which can be found on 28.2, DVB-S, 11778 V, 27500 Symbols, FEC 2/3.

Note: This setting is available as of OpenPLi 7.2!

Other ways to retrieve EPG


You can use XMLTV EPG Data or WebEPG Data, for this you need the EPGImport plugin. With this plugin you can select which data can to be retrieved according to the country. When you choose this way of retrieving, you may consider disabling the settings mentioned above as there is a risk there will be doubles in the EPG, it is best to just try enable a setting and see if there are doubles. The advantage of having the EPG settings also enabled (so apart from the XMLTV EPG) is that the data is refreshed when you "zap" to the channels.

EPG Refresh

EPGRefresh is a plugin and can be installed via the plugin browser. EPG data is usually updated when the respective transmitter is selected. However, since this way of updating EPG data is a tedious task. Using EPG Refresh you can automate this process, when en how you like.