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We are looking for people owning a CI module, and people using a softcam with a local smartcard (should be everyone!) to test the offline decoding capability of all OpenPLi supported hardware.

To test, do the following:

  1. Stop the softcam, and remove all CI modules from the box
  2. Make a short test recording from an encoded channel that uses a smartcard, using a timer, with Recording type "don't descramble, record ECM"
  3. When done, do the same, but then from an encoded channel that uses the CI module
  4. In case you have a smartcard that works in both a CI and with a softcam, one recording is enough.

Now play back the recording(s), to make sure your screen stays black.

  1. Start your softcam again, make sure the smartcard is operational, and play the first recording back again.
  2. If you now have an image, your box supports offline decoding via the softcam.
  3. Stop the softcam again, insert the CI module with the smartcard, and play back the second recording.
  4. If you now have an image, your box supports offline decoding via de CI.


Receiver Softcam CI Extended CW API
Dreambox 500 HD unknown N/A yes
7020 HD unknown unknown yes
800 SE yes N/A yes
8000 yes no yes
Edision Os Mega yes unknown yes
OS Mini no N/A yes
OS Mini + no N/A yes
Formuler F1 yes no
F3 yes no
F4 yes no
F4 Turbo yes no
GI ET 7000-Mini no no
ET-11000 no no
Golden Interstar Speed LX class S2/C unknown N/A unknown
Maxdigital XP 1000 yes unknown
Miraclebox Premium micro no unknown
Premium twin+ no no
Premium Micro v2 no no
Mutant hd11 yes N/A
hd51 yes yes yes
hd500c yes N/A
hd530c yes N/A
hd1100 yes N/A
hd1200 yes N/A
hd1265 yes N/A
hd1500 yes unknown
hd2400 yes yes no
SAB Alpha Triple HD yes no
Spycat Spycat
Spycat Mini unknown unknown
Spycat Mini Plus unknown unknown
Vimastec VS 1000 yes N/A
VS 1500 yes yes yes
VU+ Duo no no
Duo 2 no no
Solo no no
Solo 2 no no
Solo SE no no
Solo 4K no no
Ultimo no no
Ultimo 4K no no
Uno no no
Uno 4K no no
Zero no no
Zero 4K no no
Xsarius Fusion HD SE yes unknown
Fusionhd yes unknown
Pure HD yes unknown
Revo 4K yes unknown
Galaxy 4K yes unknown
Wetek Play no N/A
Xtrend et4x00 yes N/A
et5x00 yes N/A
et6x00 yes unknown
et7x00 no unknown
et8000 yes no
et8500 no unknown
et9x00 yes no
et9500 yes no
et10000 yes no
Zgemma Star H1 yes unknown
Star H2 yes N/A
Star H.2S yes N/A
Star H3 yes N/A
Star H3.AC yes N/A
Star H4 yes N/A
Star H5 yes N/A
Star H5 2S yes N/A no
Star H5.AC yes N/A
Star H5 2TC yes N/A
Star H7 yes yes
Star H.S yes N/A
i55 yes N/A
LC yes N/A
Star S yes N/A
Star 2S yes N/A