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Manager Autofs

is a OpenPLi plugin for enabling, disabling or managing mountpoints using the Autofs service. Autofs is a program for automatically mounting directories on an as-needed basis. Manager Autofs makes the use of the Autofs service much easier, using a graphical interface to use this service for mounting (=making data accessible).


Autofs makes use of one main file auto.master with mountpoint records. Each mountpoint record uses its own auto.file with a unique extension ( auto.formuler) with mount parameters as one or more records (lines) with mountpoint parameters. To enable/disable the selected mountpoint use the 'Blue' button. Active mountpoints are listed green with an X.

Main screen

In the main screen you can edit the selected mountpoint/record in the auto.master file with OK button:


With the Yellow button in main screen you can edit the auto.file:



More actions for both files type are under Menu button:


Menu items:

  • Edit record: ... edit record parameter
  • New record ... add new record and fill parameters
  • Remove record: ... remove record
  • Create new record from: ... clone record
  • Edit - - edit parameters for mountpoint in auto.file
  • Add line to – - add next mountpoint record (line) to auto.file (note 1)
  • Remove - - remove auto.file
  • Help... - basic help for using autofs
  • Add into extended menu or Remove from extended menu - add/remove plugin to/from extended 'Blue' menu
  • Utility... - next options

note 1: one remote device can have more mountpoints:



- here You can have a look at the basic help for using the Manager Autofs plugin



- next (sometimes) usefull options


If the AutoBackup plugin is installed:

  • the user can add all auto.files and auto.master for autobackup
  • run Autobackup plugin
  • plugin can remove unused files from AutoBackup
  • because the plugin creates backup files during work, user can remove this backup files

If the internal device is not mounted as /hdd, there are shown the two options:

  • 'Green' ... use selected mountpoint as hdd replacement
  • 'Red' ... cancel selected mountpoint as hdd replacement

If autofs for some reason fails, then there are a few options:

  • reload autofs, but in most cases you will need the 'stronger' option below,
  • restart autofs with GUI restart - is needed, when autofs fails.
 This option must be used, when you have changed the parameters in mountpoint file ( smb version etc)

Options for bookmarks

  • Reload Bookmarks - update bookmarks (done automaticaly on plugin exit)
  • Clear bookmarks - easy bookmark manager for remove old bookmarks