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TSMedia is a plugin that gives complete management of internet media mainly IPTV,internet radio,movies,tv shows,tv series.


  • Inlcude IPTV,Movies on demand,radio online,TV series and Tv shows
  • Favorite group to let user to add his favorite items here
  • The user is able to export any stream entered to user_stream group to bouquet format to browse as any dvb channel
  • self upgradable plugin
  • updatable IPTV,radio collections and user_uploads
  • search and sorting available form movies,tv series and tv shows
  • subtitle player included for translation

The plugin is created and maintained by mfaraj57

Use the freeware tool to do it: PuTTy app (see )!

The plugin is not present at the OpenPLi feed. So you need to manually install the plugin via the commandline.

Command to install TSMedia:

wget -O - | /bin/sh