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How to flash / place a new recovery image into the Maxytec Multibox

First download an image on and unpack the image on a FAT32 formatted USBstick.


  1. Shut down the power of the receiver by unplugging the 12 volt power at back of the receiver. Personally I prefer to unplug the primary (220 volt) power as there isn’t a power switch present. This appeared to be to expensive? 😮
  2. Insert the USB stick containing the image files into the side USB 2.0 port on the receiver. (Do NOT use the USB 3.0 port at the back)
  3. Power on the receiver by connecting the 220 volt power supply or put the 12 volt powerplug into the box.
  4. Immediately push a paperclip in the small hole at the left side of the box (reset) and hold this for some seconds. The flashing of the recovery image starts.
  5. Wait for the image to flash. In case your USB stick is equipped with a led you can follow this process as no other indication is present.
  6. When the flashing process has completed the receiver will automatically reboot.

After having flashed the box it starts to boot and you can continue with the setup or installation wizard of the settopbox.