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OpenPLi 7.png


  • This image is using the OE Pyro branch (Yocto project)
  • Add Support for Gamma Curve (aka SDR/HDR/HLG)
  • Service references for dotted lines (VBI-Lins) on top of the screen are now placed in the file: /etc/enigma2/whitelist_vbi. With a update of the settings lists, the entry's aren't lost anymore.
  • Improved support for the Wifi USB chipsets (MT7601u, MT7610u, RTL3573, RTL5572, RTL8723a, RTL8723bs, RTL8723bt, RTL8812au, RTL8814au, RTL8822bu, RTL8189es and RTL8192EU) (note: not for all images yet!)
  • Updated driver for the Wifi USB chipset RTL8192cu
  • New libcrypto-compat package provides backwars openssl/libcrypto support [20190121 hotfix]

Improvement Since previous version:

  • Fallback remote receiver (eg. fallback tuner) possibilities extended.
  • Latest Commits - Removed from Information\About\Red button
  • Gstreamer 1.14.4
  • Keyboard entry improvement
  • libssh 0.7.6 to address CVE02018-10933
  • Some improvements for the online Flash. (eg. other a Flash to multiboot, you get direct access towards the multiboot menu)
  • Small improvements for the StartupWizard. (eg. When no tuners are enabled, a fallback tuner option is presented.)
  • Added option to fully disable the Fastscan (default = disable)
  • Hide non-required menu options in tuner setup when no tuners are enabled.

Items moved:

  • Auto backup: from Applications as a application to Settings - Auto backup

No image support for:

  • WWIO Bre2ze4k
  • Amiko Viperslim

Changes to Samba (Windows file sharing, CIFS):

For those who are Samba users, a brief explanation of the changes since OpenPLi 6.x:

  • smbpasswd is now part of the image, so you can manually create samba-only users, and set passwords
  • pam_smbpass has been reinstated, which syncs the linux password to the samba password (and create the samba account if needed) when you use the passwd command
  • you can now use the useradd command to create new users to be used for samba access
  • smb.conf has been split into parts:
  • smb.conf, not end-user maintainable, no longer marked in opkg as a config file
  • smb-user.conf, where you can add your own global config overrides
  • smb-secure.conf, which can be included from smb-user, and changes the global config to disallow unsecure/guest access
  • shares folder, contains a conf file per share, based on the share configuration in the share.template file
  • mdev will automatically generate a share config upon mount of a new device, remove it when the devices is unmounted, and will restart (if installed and running) samba in the background. This means that when you plug a USB device in, it will be accessable via its own share.

In OpenPLi 6.x, any username and/or password defined on mounting a share were ignored, all access was given based on the guest account. This issue is now fixed.

The downside of this is that if you currently have a mount defined on a client (another box, a PC, etc) that uses a username and/or password, that username/password combination has to be set correctly on the box, in the samba password database. To do so, login to the box with that username, and use the passwd command to set the password again (this may be the same password). This will sync the linux password with the samba password.

If you restore a configuration backup from an older OpenPLi version, your old smb.conf will automatically converted to the new format. The old configuration file will be stored as smb.conf.old. You will need this files if you have custom shares defined that could not be automatically converted.