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Improvement since previous version:

  • This image is using the OE Zeus branch (Yocto project)
  • Update Gstreamer to version 1.18.1
  • Added support for the VU+ Duo 4K SE, the Zgemma H9S SE and the Zgemma H9 Combo SE
  • Default Dropbear SSH host key has been changed from ssh-rsa to ecdsa-sha2-nistp521 (OpenSSH has depricated the old ssh-rsa format)

    • Note: that this file may be present in your backup, so if you notice that you can no longer login, you might have to remove it manually, and reinstall dropbear to get the new default file back.

New or improved Plugins and Settings:

  • Add option "Auto play last service in radio mode", Only option "Hide channel list in radio mode" set disable.
  • Unicable.xml: add Inverto IDLB-QUDL43-UNE1L-OPP
  • AutoDiseqc - scan ports with 'Automatic' only
  • Update build extplayer3
  • Update build ffmpeg 4.3.1 with included x265 Support
  • Added Kodi support for the VU+ Duo 4K SE
  • Update ffmpeg_4.3.1
  • update ffmpeg: activate x265
  • Add VU+ chromium browser
  • Fixed mising h9 openwebif images
  • updated xbox one tuner driver package
  • Mediainfo 20.09
  • update joe-Editor 4.6
  • net-snmp plugin added to feed
  • HdmiCEC plugin: add setting to control tv wakeup command
  • HdmiCEC plugin: conditionally show 'Wakeup signal from TV'
  • HDMI-CEC setup - display setting on LCD too, added helptexts
  • Add support for Wireguard VPN
  • Backupsuite: VU+ Duo 4K SE support
  • Kodi 18
  • AnalogClock update
  • Backupsuite VU+ Duo 4K SE support
  • ManagerAutofs plugin updated
  • Autobouquetsmaker updated
  • Openvpn upgrade to 2.5.0
  • Added Georgian EPG support (standard skin)

Driver updates:

  • Edision: Update kernel to 5.9
  • Added wifi rtl8192fe to the feed
  • Maxytec: add machine multiboxse, Fix dvb-t2 5V
  • Octagon: update driver for speed up zapping
  • Xtrend et9x00 fix Frontdisplay

Items changed/moved:

  • By default any USB attached device will be in /media/usb, this accounts for all devices that are attached to any USB port, so even hard disk drives. You can give these devices another label by using the command e2label, for example:
e2label /dev/sda1 hdd

this will give sda1 the label "hdd" and after the next reboot, it will mount this device at


Look and feel changes:

  • As always many translation/language improvements, thanks to all the translators!!!
  • LCD displays have a new fresh look
  • Add display skin for the vuduo4kse
  • Wakeup timer - change logic when powered on from deep standby

Other improvements:

  • Updated uclan remote
  • GigaBlue PiP Translate remote code so PiP works on GigaBlue remote. Key translation while we await a remote that sends the correct code.
  • OScam: make the dependency on oscamstatus a soft dependency

Known issue's:

  • Although images are still being build for some boxes with only 128Mb flash, there will not be much space available after installation of a softcam. If you still have such a box, we give the advice not to do ANY software upgrades, as there is no space do download packages, but instead flash a newer version if needed. Affected:
    • VU+ Solo
    • VU+ Uno
    • VU+ Duo
    • MaxDigital XP1000
    • Xtrend ET4000
    • Xtrend ET5000
    • Xtrend ET6000
    • Xtrend ET9000
    • Mutant HD500c