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New hardware support:

  • Add AB-COM PULSe 4K mini
  • Added Qviart Dual remote
  • Update Televes dCSS LNB & switch
  • Unicable add switches Unitron dCSS 422, Inverto ISKY UST CUO80. Also add manufacturer item numbers
  • Add AVS2 support (Zgemma)
  • Add remote hd66se
  • Rtl8821cu restore support for kernels between 2.6.40 and 4.19
  • Maxytec add multiboxpro 2GB model
  • Add USB DVB driver for Vuplus Tuner Turbo2
  • Zgemma (gfutures)
    • Add hd66se model
    • Add zgemma H8 remote
  • Unicable add IDLU-24UL40-PLSTM-BPP
  • Unicable add Inverto IDLU-32UL42-UNBOO-OPP

New or improved Plugins and Settings:

  • CI support 1.4 standard
  • GStreamer: Upgrade to version 1.18.5
  • Add android dual boot menu option
  • About - hdmi-cec address to box info (if is cec enabled)
  • Removed systemtime plugin, as it is now built into Enigma2
  • added TerrestrialScan
  • added ndisc6, tools for IPv6 networks,
  • Update busybox seperately to avoid opkg concurrency issues
  • Harddisk: Create "movie" directory after formatting a device
  • HDMI-CEC - display address in description if cec is enabled only
  • Added "images" folder (for your own image collection) and "imagebackups" (to be able to flash backupsuite images)
  • Disable OSCam clockfix again
  • Add Smargo reader to oscam.server config
  • Updated zerotier to 1.8.4
  • Ffmpeg: Add libx264 encoder, required to convert avi to ts( duo4k not support avi codec)
  • Added the xstreamity plugin to the feed
  • Added enigma2-plugin-extensions-jedimakerxtream to the feed
  • Add cronie to the feed
  • Add Fast Channel Change support (FCC), FCC only works on VU+ hardware, needs driver support
  • Change default epg.dat location to /media/hdd
  • Lower the priority of the FCC plugin so it does not show on top
  • fix audio when plugin Quad pip enabled
  • Add "Http(s) stream start delay" setting -If stream from another box(old default delay 0 ms)
  • [frontend] update snr/db "GIGA DVB-T2/C NIM (TT3L10)
  • Add the fcc plugin to the images of fbc-capable hardware
  • The keytranslation.xml can be placed in /etc/enigma2/ ( => is in directory with user settings)

Look and feel changes:

  • As always many translation/language improvements, thanks to all the translators!!!
  • Added Qviart Dual to OWIF

Driver updates:

  • Edision: Update kernel to 5.15
  • Zgemma: Update drivers "se" models
  • Qviart: removed lunixco model
  • Gigablue: add support for WinTV-dualHD
  • Zgemma: H8: fix deepsleep
  • Ab-com: Update abcom-dvb-modules-pulse4kmini
  • Zgemma H8: fix aac-he audio
  • ET10000: rename v3d-nxpl -> v3d-mipsel
  • Many updates for Kodi on multiple receivers
  • Zgemma tryfix dvd player from e2 Menue
  • Updated many drivers with kernel 5.15 support
  • Ab-com [ethwol] disable vfd if WakeOnLAN is enabled, if turn on the "Wake on Lan"(set 'on' /proc/stb/power/wol) and put the receiver into deep standby mode, the display does not turn off.
  • Update h8 fix screenshot, CSA, picture frame by change reslution and Support new dvb tuners
  • Qviart:
    • Fix mistake blindscan file,
    • Fix deepstandby time display.
    • Fix front time display.
    • Fix display signal snr ( signal finder) percent and db value.
    • Added zapmode interface. ( mute, hold )
    • Fix blindscan problem.
    • Fix hdmi cec operation.
  • Abcom: Update pulse4kmini
  • Octagon:
    • update drivers to fixed issues of FULL HD skin
    • add auto framerate support and improve TP lock
  • Uclan:
    • add new RCU support
    • fix remote issue

Zgemma: H8: fix gpio table

  • Uclan:
    • add new RCU support
    • fix remote issue
  • Octagon: Add auto framerate support and improve TP lock
  • Zgemma:
    • H8: fix gpio table
    • h8 update kernel patch map
  • Abcom: Improved blindscan

Other improvements:

  • Many KODI improverments, plugin and drivers
  • Don't import from the fallback before the network is up

Known issue's:

  • Minidlna latest version no longer compatible with OE Zeus
  • Vuplus-tuner-turbo2 not supported on gen1 boxes
  • FCC only works on VU+ hardware, needs driver support
  • CIFS guest mounts without username/password no longer work, see here for more information

    If you have such a mount, enter "guest" for username and password, instead of leaving those fields blank, BEFORE you upgrade to 8.2-release.