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What is CCcam

CCcam is a simple softcam. It runs out of the box and no configuration is required for normal usage. The configuration file cccam.cfg is stored in /etc/. As far as we know the last version of CCcam is 2.3.2, and it has an ARM version. Round may 2019 there are CCcam 2.3.8 versions out, they are not new, but these are binary patched older versions. The 2.3.8 has an adaptation (binary) to the sky change (64-bit CW), so it's not advised to install them from anywhere. CCcam is closed source and it is unknown about the what, how and why is maintaining it. So it’s not possible to say anything about it’s current state, some claim it works, others don’t. As it is still closed source we cannot recommend it. So if you choose to use it, you are on your own.

When installed (with default settings) on the receiver you can access the web interface via

Limitations: There is a known issue that CCcam will crash with some Viaccess channels. This problem is noticeable on some Dutch TV Channels which have taken TV channels from the 19.2 East Satellite.

A workaround for this issue:

Make a CCcam.prio file with the following content:

I: 500

Save this file at the default location /var/etc (This should be the same place where Cam.cfg exists). Restart CCcam.

CCcam 2.2.1 doesn't have the Viaccess crash problem, but since there are rumours that this (and older versions) version leaks card information, we don't advice to use this version.