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If you have a Foscam IP camera, it is possible to add the live stream as a channel on your receiver. First you need the IP address, username and password from the camera.

e.g., username=user, password=password

Then you need to know the URL buildup. Every type of camera has his own / different way of URL build. To get a successful image, you need to have the right command.
Here you can find the necessary information.

For a Foscam F9903W you'll get the following line:

This line can then entered with a settings editor into your bouquet.

Other Camera

Other Camera types can be found at:

Synology Diskstation

If you have camera's on the Synology Diskstation, you can easily add the streams to your receiver.

Open the Surveillance Station of your disk station.
Open IP Camera
Select a camera and press the right button of the mouse and select Streampath share.

Copy the RTSP path: e.q.: rtsp://syno:224466aabbccdd1122334455aaaabbbb@

Add this URL in an user bouquet that can be found at /etc/enigma2/
The line should be:

#SERVICE 4097:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:rtsp%3a//syno%3a224466aabbccdd1122334455aaaabbbb@ House

or use a settings editor.

Note: The camera gives only (default) a stream for one hour. To alter the time to always:

  1. Select the camera and edit the configuration
  2. Go to the 3rd item: Livesettings and select the advanced tab
  3. Enter at the streamsharepath a duration "Always"

Note: Whenever your Synology Diskstation reboots, the rtsp stream changes.