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Streaming means that a service (sender) 1: 1 from the STB is passed over http. For example, you can watch a channel from your PC or from another STB. The remote stream converter plugin creates bouquets that exactly do that and also the partner box plugin uses it. It can also be installed from your PC via the Web Interface as a program such as VLC or Mplayer. This streaming is available on all OpenPLi-supported STBs.

How does transcoding work.

Transcoding is a mechanism that is only available on the latest STBs, which uses special hardware, which is not available on the other recipients. This allows you to especially "HD" (but SD) channels, "backscale" to a lower resolution and lower quality, which significantly reduces the required bandwidth. Perfect for internet viewing, so streaming often requires too much bandwidth.

Receivers on which transcoding works

  • Mut@nt
  • VU+
  • Xtrend 10K

Applications for watching TV not on TV

* Blackbox IOS
* En2player IOS
* VLC PC Mac Linux
* Dreamplayer Android
* DreamDroid Android