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Maybe hidden functions is not the right term, but the functions mentioned below are not easy to find or appear when you press a long time on a certain key in a certain screen of OpenPLi.

Graphical Multi EPG Date/time input

When you open de Graphical Multi EPG the blue button gives you prime time or now, but if you press the blue button long you can go to a certain date/time in the EPG.


Mute icon

When you use the remote to mute the sound, the mute icon stays on the screen. If this for some reason annoys you, you can remove it from the screen by pressing the mute key on your remote long until it is removed from the screen, remember that the mute keeps working, pressing the remote again will restore the sound.

On and Off

Most well known is pressing not short but long on the On/Off key on your remote control presenting the menu below.


Sleep Timer

Under this one there is much more than just the possibility to set the time for your box to doze off. There is the possibility to let your box go to standby when it's unattended for a certain time. Also there is the possibility to wake it up from deep standby, at a certain time or day, so check it out.


Startup Service

When you press the blue button the user - bouquets opens. Now press Menu and you will see the Channel list menu with the second option set as startup service. When you press enter you can select between Only on startup or Also on standby.


The right time

Having the right time is essential when using timers, as OpenPLi gets it at startup from a transponder, it is wise to make use of the Startup service. By doing so and choosing a reliable transponder you will always have the right time. For the Dutch, choosing an NPO channel will be a good choice.