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  1. Format your USB stick with an MBR partition table and a FAT32 file system.
  2. Download image (not the multiboot).
  3. Unpack file, after unpacking, there is a folder "e4hd" with content, disk.img and imageversion
  4. Copy this folder with content to a USB stick, which has a LED light.
  5. Switch off the box at the power switch and insert the stick into the USB port on the side.
  6. Switch on the box at the mains switch and hold down the on/off button thats on top of the receiver.
  7. if there is a light on the usb stick, you will see it flashing.
  8. After the flashing in done the box will automatically reboot and if there is a backup on the stick it will ask to restore, when not you will see the install wizard.