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Supported receivers.

The only receiver that is or has been supported thus far is the Maxdigital XP1000.

Howto flash the box.

  1. Download an image on and unpack the image on a FAT32 formatted USBstick.
  2. Shut down the power of the receiver by switching off the powerswitch at the back of the receiver.
  3. Insert the USB stick containing the image files into the rear USB port on the receiver.
  4. Power on the receiver with the powerswitch as pushed before at the back of the box.
  5. Wait for both the RED Recording LED and the LED on the front standby button to appear RED, once you see this you must press the CH+ located behind the flap on the front of the receiver to initiate the flashing process.
  6. Wait for the image to flash, during this time the Standby button LED will appear purple to indicate that the image is being flashed.
  7. When the flashing process has completed the receiver will automatically reboot.