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OpenPLi 7.0 - Many improvements

OpenPLi 7.png

Support for the Gamma Curve (aka SDR/HDR/HLG), changes to Samba, Fallback tuner possibilities extended, support for many Wifi USB chipsets, bugfixes and introduction of new features.

With this release:

  • OpenPLi 6.x has been declared end-of-support. It will no longer receive any bugfixes. Channel lists, transponder XML's and picons will be updated on a weekly basis, until it becomes end-of-live at the release of OpenPLi 8.
  • OpenPLi 4 has been declared end-of-live. It will not be built anymore, and can no longer be downloaded for receivers for which an OpenPLi 6 exists. Receivers for which OpenPLi 4 was the last supported version are declared end-of-life on our download pages.

See the releasenotes

OpenPLi 6.2 - Tweak and Tune.

OpenPLi 6.2.png

New receiver support for Zgemma support for the H9, Axas E4HD 4K Ultra, Qviart Lunix / Lunix3 4K. New drivers for the Xtend ET8000 / ET1000 Bugfixes and introduction of new features.

Known Issues

  • Mode 12 is not alway's possible due to hardware limitations of the SOC. Further investigation is needed.

See the releasenotes

OpenPLi 6.1 - Improvement of a good image.

OpenPLi 6.1.png

New receiver support for Amiko Viper Combo, Amiko Viper T2/C, VU+ Uno 4K SE, Zgemma H6, Edision OSnino. Bugfixes and introduction of new features.

Known Issues

  • Due to problems with the overscan wizard, Xtrend ET8000 and ET10000 images can have display problems. We are still looking for a solution for this problem.
  • On a Mutant HD51 with mode 12 active, you can not use Video 60p frequency. With mode 1 everything is fine.
  • If you upgrade on the box, avahi-daemon might not want to restart (see fix in the releasenotes).

See the releasenotes

OpenPLi 6.0 - The long awaited OpenPLi 6.0 heralds a new era of OpenPLi images.

OpenPLi 6.0.png

As of this release, we no longer release automated nightly beta images, but use a develop -> release candidate -> release flow, with fully tested and stable images are a result.

Known Issues

  • When you create a CIFS mapping to a device mounted under /media, you get an "out of space on device" error. We are still looking for a solution for this problem.
  • The xmltvimport plugin no longer exists. This may give an error if you restore a backup of OpenPLi 4 on OpenPLi 6.0. To address this, install EPGimport from the plugin menu.

See the releasenotes