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OpenPLi - Knowledge base

• Abbreviations

Abbreviations used in the wiki

• DVB-S/S2/C/T/S2X Tuners

Explaining different tuner types explained

• Dvd-fe-tool


Everything you need to know about the EPG and it's settings.

• Extended CW API

• Full Band Capture Tuner (FBC)

Here it is explained how this "new technology" is working for you

• GStreamer

Gstreamer is the default movieplayer in Enigma2, you don't have to select it, just select a movie file and it will play.

• HbbTV

What is HbbTV and how to use it

• Image build up

Explaining how an image is build up.

• Multistream

The what and why on multistream

• Offline decoding

In here there is a list of decoders that can do offline decoding

• Overscan

Some TV's have it. How can you detect it and what to do about it.

• PPanel

• Satfinders

Usefull tools in lining up you satellite dish.

• SD - HD - 4K

Explaining the difference, between these.

• Transcoding

The what and why of transcoding.

• TV-Headend

• Unicable / Jess

Unicable explained and how to use it.


What and why on VPN

• . • OpenVPN configuration

Here there is an experimental OpenVPN setup.